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Is there gluten in sourdough?

Most gluten-free bread is dense, dry and expensive. But wheat bread may be making a comeback for the gluten-intolerant
thanks to new research on sourdough. ...
Sourdough is not only good for baking but may also help heal
the gut in those newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

Here you will find many articles about Gluten and Celiac disease and how
Sourdough bread is the one exclusion that allows some people with Gluten
and Celiac issues to finally be able to eat bread again.

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10. Michael Pollan Wants You To Eat Gluten In the form of bread.

11.  Gluten-free sourdough wheat baked goods appear safe for young celiac patients.

If you have more questions about Gluten or Celiac Disease, contact your doctor,
or book an appointment with my wife Dr. Riki L. Evans, Traditional Naturopath
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Even though there is some research into Gluten and those with Celiac Disease being able to eat sourdough, Chef le Jeff takes no responsibility
for how your body reacts to Gluten products he makes. Everyone is different and there is no way to know if the Sourdough Bread will affect you or not. You are responsible for making the decision to give it a try, we advise reading the above articles and reintroducing gluten slowly.