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Dr. Ro Garriott, DAOM
2017-05-11, 16:26
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Chef Jeff! I will spread the word on how wonderful your sourdough bread and cinnamon buns are. My GF son could not be happier! We’ll be ordering again. It was also such a pleasure to meet your wife — she’s a gem and she is obviously very proud of you (that’s the best kind of partner to have). It is because of your wife I found you. ;)

Many blessings on you and yours,

Dr. Ro Garriott, DAOM
Cheryl Duncan
2017-05-07, 14:53
"My nephew Christopher is 21 and has had severe reaction to wheat products since birth. It wasn't until he was 5 years old that anyone could put a name to it...true Celiac disease. Literally within one minute of consuming any product with wheat in it, he would be violently ill. We have placed 2 orders with Chef Jeff for his sourdough cinnamon rolls, and are delighted to say that not only do they taste great, but our NuNu has zero allergic reaction. Thank you Jeff and Riki, you make a young man with Down Syndrome and Celiacs disease extremely happy! " Cheryl Duncan
Nino Kether
2017-04-25, 08:29
I have tried lots of Chef Le Jeff's baked goods and all are great! My favoroite is garlic rosemary bread. excellent!
2017-04-09, 22:31
What can I say.......the cookies are unbelievably delicious !! The Sourdough bread is killer, the cinnamon bread "Wow". And the Chef is cute too, can't get much better than that !!
2017-04-09, 22:29
we've been looking for someone to sell us homemade bread with no added preservatives and we came across these guys. No exaggeration, this is the best cinnamon potato bread we've ever had! The sourdough with roasted garlic is wonderful as well! Just super nice people making a super quality product! we put in weekly orders now. We know this business will take off!

2017-04-09, 22:28
Chef le Jeff is awesome!

His peanut butter cookies are the bomb. Peanut butter, crumbly goodness that is great with milk or on their own. They have a nice, intense peanut butter flavor without begin overbearing.

The sourdough is awesome. Great for toast, sandwiches, grilled cheese, cinnamon toast or just munching. They have a very nice, dense texture that you're sure to enjoy.

Be warned, you might make your mom jealous with his baking!